Time for all to get vaccinated Get your shots !

Get your shots ! Get vaccinated ! Health Director Dr K Rajo has gone on record to say that it is 83.33 percent of those who have not got vaccinated make up for the death count. In other words this can be taken to mean that those who have received the shot have a much lower chance of being defeated by the virus. To give the details, 776 people passed away due to the virus in the months of April, May and June. And out of the 492 deaths 410 were not vaccinated which were classified as ‘obtained’. This meant that 83.33 percent of those who passed away due to the virus were not vaccinated. The Sangai Express has already run a story on this and it is difficult to understand why so many are still reluctant to get the vaccine shot. About 19 lakh people are eligible to get the vaccine shot (18 and above years of age) in Manipur and out of this only 10.43 lakh people have received or come out for their vaccine shots. And out of this 1.13 lakh people are fully inoculated. The interesting question is what is the State Government doing to let the rest come out for their vaccination shots. This is a serious question which needs the attention of the Government. The questions that need to be studied are, why are certain section sections of the people of the reluctant to come out for the vaccination shots ? Has it got anything to do with their religious beliefs or their style of living ?  Or has it got anything to do with the restrictions imposed on the movement of people ?
These are all questions which the Government of the day should be addressing today. For example. why are people in the hill areas reluctant to come out for their vaccination shots ? Could it be due to the fact that this is the farming season ? A one day loss could mean a lot for a family which survives on the daily wage that is being brought in. To many it would not make sense to let go of their daily wage and let the family starve to get a vaccine shot. These are all points which the Government should consider. A point which should be noted by the Government and the respective district administration. The Government should study all these aspects after all it needs to look beyond lockdowns, containment zones, curfews and total curfews. The people too should understand that it is their responsibility to keep the virus at bay and one way is to get inoculated and stick by the SOPs laid down by the World Health Organisation, Indian Council of Medical Research and enforced by the State Government.