All Manipur Tribal Union refutes claims of Co-ordinating Body Khurai

IMPHAL, Jul 20
All Manipur Tribal Union refuted the claim made in some local newspapers by the Co-ordinating Body Khurai which stated that 'Article 371 (C) of the Indian Constitution is temporary and can be abrogated like Article 370'.
The union in a press release appealed to such organisations to refrain from such sensitive political issues as it has a high tendency to flare up communal disharmony with socio-political havoc in Manipur however the union appreciated the appeal of Co-ordinating Body made on living peacefully together.
Further the union stated that it is not a good harbinger to under mind Manipur Tribal People's exceptional Constitutional rights under Article 371 (C) and it will be premature to make such claims in a multi cultural mosaic society like Manipur before one can abrogate Article 371 (C) like Article 370 since Jammu and Kashmir's political history and subject is different from North East India's political subjects.
Every North Eastern States has its own amended Article 371 clause with A, B, C, D, E, F and G wherein provisions are not same and redundant articles can either be amended or abrogated by the Indian Parliament however until such is done, it will continue to exist as an Act, it added.
Therefore the union asserted that no one should proclaim Constitutional Article 371 (C) as easily revocable which is akin to lack of Constitutional knowledge that may break the social fabrics of Manipur and may lead to emotional alienation for the Manipur tribal people.