Another spell of party hopping ?  Rush for power

It is getting interesting though it comes nowhere near the understanding of governance or taking the people towards the path of progress or development. Rather the people would be subjected to such a position that they can only sit back and watch the shenanigans being played out by the highly honourable representatives of the people. This is all about power and the perks that come along with being associated with the party in power. Officially no one has as yet jumped ship to sup with the BJP at Imphal, but already there are talks doing the round that some Congress MLAs have lined up to join the saffron party. What has added gist to this line of talks is the report that president of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee, Govindas Konthoujam has resigned from his post. What is more interesting is the fact that so far there has been no official communication from the MPCC on this count. There is also no report that he has joined the BJP. Interesting it is and not the first time for Manipur to witness such political gimmicks being played out on the political turf of the land. After all politics is all about power and there is the overall observation amongst not only politicians but also their supporters that being in the Opposition does not count for anything at all. Wallopping the widely held belief that a strong Opposition is good for democracy and for the people as a whole. The new developments also fall in line with the fact that Manipur will be going to polls in the early part of next year and with BJP  leaders having proclaimed earlier that their sight is set on winning at least 40 seats in the next Assembly elections, what is happening within the State unit of the Congress is an opportunity they cannot afford to overlook. Ironic it is but it appears that it is some Congress MLAs and leaders who seem set to script the one line slogan of the BJP, Congress Mukt.
That the new developments within the Congress have come even as Manipur as a whole are keenly waiting for the Supreme Court to deliver its verdict on the Office of Profit case on July 26 is what makes it all that more significant. Resign from the Congress, resign from the Assembly and in a reduced Assembly, the BJP can still swing it their way even if its MLAs who were appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries earlier are disqualified. The Arithmetic here is then clear. Then obviously look to the long term benefits,  with the next Assembly elections as the first step. Then important question before everyone is whether such a move will benefit the people and Manipur in any way. This is a question which everyone here must study sincerely. Would such a move mean respecting the verdict the people gave in 2017 or will this question be seen as of no relevance ? Moreover what is the guarantee that the same set of party hoppers will not jump ship if say the BJP suffers a reverse in the 2014 Parliamentary elections ? These are all questions which the people must consider thoroughly, but yet the new developments have added spice to the dull days amidst the COVID-19 induced lockdown. This is a break that people will welcome !!