Bring an amicable solution to Awang Koubru issue, says Maichou Ningshing Lup

IMPHAL, Jul 21
The Maichou Ningshing Lup appealed the State Government to bring a favourable solution to the Awang Koubru Ashuppa issue at the earliest.
In a press release, Maichou Ningshing Lup stated that the Awang Koubru Ashuppa is the sacred pilgrimage which is closely related to the ancestral religion of the Meiteis, the indigenous people of this land and the detailed fact of Mount Koubru is well known to the indigenous people who have been worshipping Lord Koubru since time immemorial.
It further stated that Kukis who were brought in this land from the neighbouring countries forcibly inhabited  at the Koubru Ashuppa against the law of Indian Reserve Forest Act, 1927.
Therefore their claim that Koubru Ashuppa as their ancestral land is not true and the fate and future of Awang Koubru Ashuppa cannot be decided on distorted details which lead to more unwanted outcome, added the statement.
The lup also maintained that Awang Koubru Ashuppa si the source of all rivers flowing in the land and lakhs of people of this land are dependent on the water from these rivers for sustainability throughout the year and the big trees and plants growing on Koubru Ashuppa plays a major role in maintaining ecological balance.
Therefore, the Maichou Ningshing Lup representing the people of this land urged the Government to bring an amicable solution to Awang Koubru Ashuppa at the earliest.