Is lockdown or curfew helping ?  Statistics say it all

The Government should accept this. Lockdown, total curfew, containment etc is not working. On the fourth day of the total curfew, Manipur reported 1327 new cases. The statistics say it all.  It is not working. Think outside the box is a line that The Sangai Express has been voicing all along. Apart from lockdown, curfew, containment, what has the Government done to arrest the fast spread of the virus ? A natural question that comes to mind. And it is imperative that the Government takes this in the right way. Think, think, why is the virus spreading so fast and wide ? As pointed out earlier many times in this column, the Government will need to have a relook at the home isolation model. When the World Health Organisation and the Indian Council of Medical Research have recommended that wearing a face mask is imperative even inside the house, why is the State Government so adamant on continuing with the home isolation model ? Only those at the power centre can answer this, but the interesting point is why aren’t the health professionals advising the Government along this line ? Or is it a question of always saying yes to what the political masters say ? This is a pandemic and this is not the right time to play favourites. The Government should realise this and the so do too the health professionals. Something, somewhere is drastically wrong and the Government should come to the realisation that lockdown or whatever name one gives it is not the answer alone now.
It is not only the sharp rise in cases that the Government should be concerned about. The death count too has been climbing in double digits for days. On July 21, on the fourth day of the total curfew, Manipur recorded 15 deaths due to the virus. Sure the ailing might have been infected long time back, but the death count continues. As stated earlier here in this column, July has not been a kind month for Manipur. The Government will need to look beyond lockdowns and curfews. What is the way forward ? Difficult to say but for starters the Government should look  for ways to stop the home isolation model. Most of the houses in Manipur are not suited to house a person infected with such a contagious disease as the coronavirus. Apart from this, what are the steps that have been taken up with regard to the claim that houses will be inspected to see if it is fit to house an infected person ? No answer to this has been forthcoming so far. It is when the Government of the day looks the other way when such pertinent queries are raised that will give a free run to the virus. And Manipur comes very much close to this.