Need to look beyond restrictions Virus still running riot

The virus is running riot, infecting at will and killing randomly. This is a fact that cannot be diluted in any manner. What makes things more disturbing is the fact that Manipur has been under curfew or restrictions since April 29 and this was further tightened with the clampdown of total curfew since July 18 for ten days. The State has now completed five days of the total curfew since July 18, but there is no sign that the transmission has been broken or checked. In the five days since July 18 to July 22, Manipur logged a total of 5119 new cases, with the average positivity rate of the 5 days working out at 17 percent. It is during the five days of total clampdown that Manipur logged the highest spurt on a single day with 1327 new cases reported on July 21 as well as the single highest positivity rate recorded in 24 hours at 19.4 percent. A sure indication that something, somewhere is missing and the Government would need to seriously look at how its approach to the pandemic can be given more teeth. It is a given that if and when an individual tests positive for the virus, the other family members too should be or are tested too. Here it is important to question how many of them undergo the RT-PCR test, widely believed to be the gold standard for accurately assessing the Covid status of an individual. Surely the RT-PCR mode of testing will entail more expenses, but wouldn’t it help if those who return negative results during the RAT exercise are made to undergo another test through the RT-PCR ? What is the Centre or ICMR’s guideline on this ? What is the say of the Central team recently deputed to the State, on the mode of testing conducted here ? The Government will need to go back to the suggestions made by the Central team and perhaps this may help in finding out why situation has not improved despite the several restrictions put in place to curb the movement and thereby the socialisation of the people.
If five days of total curfew account for 5119 cases in the grand total of 88,978 then this should more than indicate that the Government will need to look beyond lockdowns, total curfew or containment tags. There is a loophole somewhere and focus should be to zero in on the shortcoming. As repeatedly asked here, how religiously are the micro containment measures being taken up ? How about contact tracing ? These are serious questions which merit the undivided attention of the Government. The daily positivity rate is way above the figure marked by the World Health Organisation and this is a fact that should not be played down. Another point of concern which has been raised repeatedly is the home isolation model here. The Government has announced that homes would be studied to see if they are suited for home isolation and this is the last that has been heard of since then. Has the Government studied the suitability of any house which has opted for home isolation ? The reality has to be taken into consideration before the nod is given for a house to opt for home isolation. The Delta variant of the coronavirus is highly contagious and this is the reason why it has been highly recommended that even while indoors people should wear the mask if any member of the family is found infected with the virus.