As My Birthday Arrives - A Pour Out ...

Dr Ranbir  Laishram

One day, in the wee hours of April...
I was awakened by my cell phone buzzing,
Happy birthday, papa!
Thank you my dear...
I dozed off again.
Another ringtone,
Sounds of messages coming,
All happy birthday wishes...
From my grandchildren too.

On First March every year,
The same Happy birthday wishes,
From friends and professional colleagues,
Because I was born on 1st March,
According to my school certificate.
In solitude, I sat down a while.
How funny it is -
Just reminding me of my birthday.
Which I hardly remember,

For, I have never celebrated so far,
Nor my parents bothered in those days of yore,
Because it was not in the menu.
Born many decades ago,
Amid the joint family chaos,
And brought up by neighbours and grandparents,
And in the wilderness of Nature,

Where I dwelled happily,
Swimming in the ponds and  playing in the woods,
And only Mother nature embracing me,
Hardly did I recollect my birth month.
I asked myself -
Was I really born on this day?
My mind says -
How it matters to me now?
Why people are celebrating birthdays,

With gifts, wishes,dinner and what not...
Is it that I am reborn again today ?
Yes it could  be.
Then it is the first day of the rest of my life,
The same today for me,a new day,
With a new vision,new opportunities,
And new tasks to be accomplished.
My only prayer for today -

Oh God ! lead me on,
To the place of solitude.
At your feet, I surrender to thee.
Let me dwell peacefully,
For, it is the same today,
My birthday or some other day,
The first day of the rest of my life.
Yes, it could be...
I am reborn again today...