Geetanjali Gautam
"All the world's a stage!"
 Or so the line goes many a foolish sage.
Few to be prudent jesters.

Topsy turvy! In this peaceful facade,
Conventional wisdom bequeaths,
A wreath of thorns,
To one who seeks bountiful golds,
Masked by fools.

To be able to walk
You must tumble!
 If you wish to run,
 Endure a paced crawl.

Because you see, love,
The cosmos of wisdom hath long overdue
Gazed upon the pens and swords ,
The era of truths,
Undone by wisdom and fools.

A bloody pen,
In King Midas' hand
Has naught worth weight in gold .

But for Aristotle to write with swords
He must carve integrity in
blots of dull words.

Blind your visage,
amongst the center stage .
You'll see bloody pens,
and ink blotting swords .

The truth should cleave,
roots of the problem
Carve out ignorance,
or it's indoctrinate absurdity.