An appeal and a prayer from a care provider(An unpublished poem of 2010)

Dr Ranbir Laishram
From a mother's warm and cozy womb,
Expectant of a life that is eager to bloom,
Comes a little child with a humble cry;
Ignorant and unaware of what awaits,
They are the same like you and me,
Just that they are born with the virus.
God loves them just as he loves us all;
Then why are they driven to cry and suffer?

The few who are there to share their plight,
Are driven to helplessness and to fight,
With tears that overflow from their eyes;
The discrimination and abandonment they meet,
Sometimes sweeps the ground off their feet.
Don't trample their right to a happy life,
Educate them and give them a chance to survive.
Though the world may be tough and the road rough;
Guide them and lead them into the light,
And awaken the angel that is hidden inside.

A humane touch is all that they need,
A helping hand is what they plead,
Kind words to soothe their fears and worries;
A chance to live like any other child,
A tender touch and a gentle smile.
It is easy to say that we really care,
But the fact remains that a few really dare,
It is high time for us to walk the talk;
For, we can't afford to stay aloof,
Our care for them must have its proof.

A clarion call to the young and old,
To let their dormant heart to unfold,
As we enter the threshold of 2011,
Let us make a pledge to do our share,
For an innocent victim of HIV/AIDS,
To give them some hope and a future that's fair
To fight for their cause I have pledged my heart.