Divine doctors

M Minakshi Devi

Divine doctors stretch their caring hands as wings,
Seem to fly down from a fairy land to the Earth,
To bring off loving health care for the Mankind,
Since life sprouts in mother's womb well before birth.
How tolerantly they nurture the distressed patients all
Whilst the World admires their golden services and toil.

Doctors born for real to make pure sacrifices, several indeed
Lots are seen to limit own dreams when sicks are in impelling need.
Glove views doctors as manifestation of divinity in humanity,
As they are blessed with mystical hands
Having life support ability.

Bravo! Whilst fatal viral ailments prolong
to create global pandemic,
The health workers emerge as frontline batters to fight the epidemic.
Human! Doctors would be our orbital life donor.
They would be devine friends in need indeed
Who warrant our devout gratitude and due honour.

Little all can do for the heroes is by
salutation, we pay
With all tribute and gratitude,
I wish them a very Happy Doctor's Day