Yanglem Arjun Singh

Just when I thought,
Sadness would get away and happiness would be more,
Someone up there couldn't bear this,
And told sadness to knock my door.

There might be thousands who would be thinking like me,
Some on the ships and some off the shore,
that why?Just why?
Sadness comes to knock their door.

I just simply bolted my door and apprised sadness to take leave,
But what to do as sadness was really stubborn,
So it entered into my life through a window.
Now, I always know somewhere deep down the heart,
For me, sadness must be digging a pit,
And I am willingly falling into it,
As now I'm used to it.

Like what I learnt was that sadness have its own ways of going,
Sometimes it will depart by bequeathing a very deep wound,
Or sometimes you would be just mooned,
And if this doesn't happen then you just need to sit back and stay tuned.