Don’t allot party’s ticket stand Interesting development

Nothing to do with the Congress but then again in a way much to do with the Congress. Internal affairs of the BJP, one may say but then again one cannot entirely write off the fact that the man central to the new interesting development is a man long synonymous with the Congress but has just changed colours to embrace the Lotus. The entry of the man to the BJP after deserting the sinking ship of the Congress continues to evoke interests and the latest addition to this is the announcement by some BJP Karyakartas of Nachou village in Bishnupur Assembly Constituency that they would resign enmasse if the BJP ticket is given to Govindas Konthoujam in the forthcoming Assembly elections. This is in a way a direct challenge to the decision taken at the highest possible level of the BJP and this is where it becomes interesting to see that BJP Karyakartas at the village or booth level have deemed it fit to throw down such a rider. The politics at play here is certainly interesting and this is where one can come to the point that the latest development has nothing to do with the Congress. But then again would such a stand have been adopted if Govindas Konthoujam had not come from the Congress and if he is not perceived to be a strongman in politics ? Speculative questions at the moment, but it is interesting to note that it is booth level workers, members at the grassroot level who have gathered the spunk to throw down such a rider before the BJP leadership. An inside prod ? This again is not something that can be swept aside easily with the wave of the hand, for this is all about politics where anything can happen, especially when the BJP has become the party to watch out for in the next Assembly elections.
Not everyone within the State unit of the BJP would have welcomed the entry of Govindas Konthoujam into the saffron party and in fact his entry into the fold of the BJP could have upset the calculations of some aspiring BJP candidates from the said Assembly Constituency. His entry into the party can also have the potential to throw open the question of leadership within the BJP and this was a point which was pointed out in black and white by the MPCC (I) president N Loken after Govindas jumped ship to be with the BJP. Early days yet but already one can see the emerging play of politics here and this should go to underline the point that politics should not be seen only along the divide between the two biggest political parties in the country and in the State too but also along the line that divides political heavy weights. Obviously the stake is big for what is central to the new development is the question of power and the pelf that comes along with being in a position to wield power. Some BJP members of Nachou village in Bishnupur AC have spoken out, but then again no one can say whether they would continue to hum the same tune in the coming days.