The Wilting Red Rose

M Minakshi Devi

There was once a frisky and fresh deep red rose,
That hold pleasing fragrance and high decency.
I hold that rose close with the greatest embrace ever,
Looking at it merrily forgetting the current global fever.

I used to stare deep into its crispy petals,
Looking for to explore something more lovely and lively.
Hoping, I would bring to limelight the secrets,
Something special to be happy for a worth- living.

As time went by, the rosy petals began to fade.
I was afraid,the secrets would die out to pour out
Colors of other shades alike the fade in my jovial life.
Soon off the season,the frail petals start to crumble.

My heart as well began to jumble and tumble.
With wet eyes whilst I dream up my worn-out future,
I hold the dying rose more delicately than ever before
Calling up in gloom all the sparkling  secrets,
The pure love and florid glamour it once lively enjoyed.