Why is AFSPA still in force here ? Calling Modi and Shah Saab

The BJP Governmanet is expected to do better. It has done away with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award and replaced the same with Dhyan Chand Kehl Ratna. No arguments here. Its objective is Nation First. Again no arguments here. But is the Armed Forces Special Powers Act a necessity here in the North East and Manipur in particular ? The talks with the NSCN (IM) is already more than 20 years and it was capped off with the Framework Agreement of 2015. But the Army Act continues to be here and in Nagaland. Why is it necessary when one is engaged in a peace process ? Or is the Modi led Government being so much influenced by the Army that this Act should continue ? Back in 2004, the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had to airdash to Imphal to address the aggrieved folks, after the lifeless, brutalised body of Th Manorama was found after she was abducted the previous night. The cover granted to the  men in uniform was AFSPA. This Act continues even today in Manipur and Nagaland where the writ of the NSCN (IM) runs large and with which the Government of India is engaged with in a peace talk since 1999. It does not make sense. Here is an Act inherited by the Congress and applied in the North East region and now here is a Government which seems intent on undoing everything that the Congress did. The slogan ‘Congress Mukt’ will never be complete as long as the Army Act continues to be in force in the region. No one would like to be ‘arrested’, killed and brutalised on mere suspicion. This was an Act framed by the British, championed by the Congress and one wonders why this should continue even today here.
The BJP has been in power since 2014 and the Act East Policy should be given more meaning. In the first place it should do away with the Act which empowers the Army to shoot and kill on mere suspicion. Secondly it should look at ways to deal with elements which have been ‘laughing at the people from the North East’ on the basis of how they look. Remember how the corona situation was  for the folks with the ‘chinky looking’ folks from the region. The basic point is, what has been added to the history books for the youngsters to learn ? Will the North East region remain as footnotes in the history of India or if the BJP is really serious about its inclusiveness will one see a change ? Remember Nido Tani who was murdered in New Delhi back in 2014 ? Or what has happened to the Bezbaruah report ? There has been no development since then. When Mirabai Chanu won Silver at the Tokyo Olympics the whole county rose as one to salute her, but the point of greater import is to respect all who look like her !