Vision Correction doesn’t need a doctor

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Connecting with people around you and listening to their perspectives corrects your vision at times.
Sitting at an Eye Hospital this week, I realized that visions are corrected by the change of heart and not the change of hospital. While I was observing people around adjusting their masks, grandchildren holding their grandparents hands, young girls talking on phone-I was so happy and I was literally smiling when they called out my name.
My treating doctor was the owner of this huge hospital. I had an image of him in my mind-as a rude old fellow honestly. But this guy who seemed to be in his 50s, looked cool yet humble and spoke affirmatively yet so gently. I was moved by his appearance and demeanor. Over the next few days while I visited the hospital-I was technically under his observation but I observed him closely.
The guy looked into each department carefully, was accessible to his staff and took keen interest in all that was going on. He wore simple clothes, no airs around him and seemed very sharp. I felt very nervous around him, but I was grateful to God that he was “my” doctor.
I highlight the word- MY here- as a word to depict a sense of possession. Possessiveness as a factor that I know this person and I have a certain level of command over him/her. See how people use-MY mother, MY friend, MY teacher and so on. Whenever you are good to other people around- notice how they will use this word more frequently and with more emphasis. But when you do bad to someone- even a father doesn’t want to call his child-My son.
How many times in life have you felt- I did my best for a particular person, but he did me such bad and finally you take a vow in your heart to never do good to anyone.
Such is our genre-we cruelly innocent beings-humans! What do you think–if you do a bad deed to a specific person, do you think it is going to come back through that specific person only ? No.
Whenever I tried to do cheat someone with say money- I lost more. During my childhood at school, if I wanted to physically hurt a classmate- before reaching there, I would bang my elbow in the wall. These incidents made me realize that a force is around me which is trying to guide, to correct me.
These memories are so etched in me that I do not do wrong to people anymore. Because I know bad karma is like throwing garbage up in the air- it is bound to fall on you. You can’t run too fast- it follows you. Doing good karma is like throwing flowers up in the sky-you will be showered by those petals through various sources, means and people. The choice is yours.
So, don’t be a miser in doing good to others, forgiving people, sharing material wealth and spiritual knowledge alike. Its bound to come back to you.
The better you do-for people, others might call you a fool. But foolish are those who think that if they keep their fists closed, they get more.
To receive- you have to open to yourself, to people around and circumstances, to the Universe and the non-physical powers that guide you when you align yourself with the source. Increase your vibrations that once you enter the room, there is light- people feel comfortable and they are in your awe. Just like MY doctor incident. Give them that feeling-its precious.
A friend taught me this–speak less, feel more. I am trying to develop this sense for a couple of months now. What is the vibe you get ? What do you feel ? Its isn’t about the content, its about the emotion inside those words. What was said in between the lines in a meeting has all the crux of the conversation.
A quote that touched my heart this month was “A lot of people broke my heart, but fixed my vision!” So,don’t be sad if anyone betrays you, creates dirty rumors about you and so on. Remember- garbage and the petals fall alike !