Pure lifeblood

Minakshi Devi

Life is prized,but,resembles a ball of wind, that gust.
One day someone is here, the next departs forever.
Freed soul gust far off to lay in a heavenly hut,
Hidden in peace afar from mourning human's tearful sight.

Numbered are the days of his lively lifespan
Where he spends most of his dear time in search,
Searching for something classic for him to get defined,
Toils hard aspiring to live a life, much refined.

But, drift that defines most of us is self-admiration.
As pretentions, ego trips of ours, only that can gratifies.
For, any total win gained or assets earned never satisfies.
Man spends most of his tight time with greedy mind

Seeking for fortune, that  too if  pure ,
Seldom he find.
Even if he ever finds, it's treated enough never.
Thus becomes  slave ,a slave to his passions forever.

Deeper and deeper its roots grow, drill into his heart,
Bleeds dissatisfaction and depression until he breathe his last.
Oh ! Can't we really realize-
Lifeblood of a pure life is self-satisfaction ?

Can't we live a lively life with gentle gratification
With whatsoever genuine possessions and reputation
We attain out of our level best actions
With fair devotion ?