Why ? I wonder

Yanglem Arjun Singh

On days I wonder,
What new turns my life shall take,
where it is leading-this life of mine
From day to day
Do I even have a say ?

On days I wonder,
To uncover new roads,
Or to do what I am told
Will I innovate
Or am I too old ?

On days I wonder,
Is it all right
To be who you are
Because certainly our society
leaves a scar.

On days I wonder,
What if there weren't those two
Who made me laugh
Would there be someone else
Or would I be my other half ?

On days I wonder,
What is it
That makes me different
Or does it even matter
Am I even significant ?

On days I wonder,
Can I be the one
What is my true desire
Can I inspire
Or Is it okay
To sit back and just admire.