Geetanjali Gautam

That day dawned bright
But I woke with black tulips
Blooming from my orbs
Which epitomized not
My supremacy but failure,
As I levitated in its
Fragrance of darkness
And my memories,
Instead of fading away,
Became more perceptible;

While swallowed
The chronophobic lump
That adhered to my throat.
I cognized my blunder
Of choosing heat over warmth
As I felt my own expectations
Turn into ashes.
I discerned the toxicity of love
As I felt the dozen streaks
 On my hand, perhaps formed
By my agitation to
Get rid of emotional pain.

It was the day when
The clouds showered
Blood upon me,
The day when the twilight
Was ruled by my devils,
The day when I chained love
In the domain of hatred.
It was the day when
I met
My demons as I revolved

Around my depression cycle.
And they surely propelled
Me to query one thing
Cannot be the reason for death!!?
Who said in a heartbeat
But this optimistic heart of mine
Just kept chanting
"If my serenity can end,
So can my distress"