Ardent Gardener

M Minakshi Devi

A rose I am ,hear tells - symbolize I a love,
A pure love that is sacred, solely so golden,
Never begets rust and old alike the novel gold.
Indeed, my petals of love fondly that I unfold,

Thereon my perfumed love is inscribed in pure gold
With incensed letters written in big bold.
And in witty words a lovely tale is  being told.
Ponder I, but for his caring hands,celestial care,
Could I grow to fold ,all my glamour to hold ?
How unto him my serene soul is being sold.

As, with his saintly care, me he fondly mould
With love from a warm heart that never was cold.
For,in his blossom garden I am the lovely rose
That from a sweet little bud slowly arose.
I am the rosy flower he wished to choose,

For, sure is he ,diffuse I scent of love in air
That gust into his heart ,love and joy to cause.
Truly, an ardent gardener he is, my care-taker,
Me whole heartedly who vows to continue to feed,
To fend from heinous hands of foul players , the foes

Until become I totally fit for a holy trip
To my destined site of divine love or worship.
Riding on a florid bouquet of fellow blossoms
Being a fully bloomed beautiful flower, the rose.