Yanglem Arjun Singh

Every time you come to me,
I smile and assure you,
Little did I know that my assurance,
Was fake to you.
Friends we said, brothers we were,
But just in words,
You felt my phrases piercing through, calling them lies.

As a friend I kept your unkempt emotions in my heart,
You questioned it, you said I don't love you,
I don't trust you.
Now I feel I was never a friend.
The common flower of brotherhood we shared,
Lacing our hearts to intuitions of words that was never said.
Words that were unspoken but felt and heard,
Led to withered ashes on my skin hurting me.
You are my friend and will always remain one,
Nevertheless like drops of water hitting the rack,
Making it sand, your tears were always mine to stop.
You thought I didn't understand them, but I did, may be you didn't see,
So I lost faith, I lost a friend , I lost a brother,
I lost what's called understanding.
I failed to hold the flower,
Binding the friendship to be called FRIENDS.