Govt need to look beyond curfew The upward curve

The figure is worrying, deeply worrying and it should be more than clear that lockdown or curfew or containment or whatever term one gives it is just not working. Remember since April 29, 2021, Manipur has been under one or the other form of restrictions under such terms as containment, curfew, total curfew etc but this has not stopped or lessened the spread of the virus in any way. On the other hand, it may also be argued that the statistics could have been worse if such restrictions were not put in place, but whatever the case, it is time for the Government to seriously look beyond the restrictions imposed on the people and seriously study what remedial steps may be taken up. This is a point which has been raised many times in this column but unfortunately no one in the corridors of power seem ready to listen. In the first place, the Government would need to seriously study how the line ‘containment and contact tracing are in place’ so religiously given in the daily media handout issued by the COVID-19 Common Control is being followed. As pointed out numerous times here, ask anyone who has had the misfortune of getting infected but have recovered and one will get a fair idea of how far the contact tracing part is true. A number of reporters and sub-Editors have tested positive for the virus, including some staff of The Sangai Express and talking to them is more than enough to know how far the contact tracing part is followed. It is this which is deeply worrying. It is also worth reminding the Government of their earlier announcement that the houses of an infected person/s would be studied to see if it is suited for home isolation, but the question still remains, how many houses have been studied to see if they are suited for housing infected persons ? Home isolation-this is a model that needs immediate review and sincerely at that.
Manipur is right up there amongst the North East States on the Covid table. With 102,147 cumulative cases, it is just behind Assam which has so far reported 5.71 lakh cases. On the death count too it is just behind Assam with 1614 deaths. Manipur is the second State in the North East region to have logged above one lakh positive cases, which is way above that of Tripura which has so far reported 79,532 cases and 761 deaths. Meghalaya with 29,64,007 population, as per the Census of 2011 has logged 67,016 cases while Manipur with 28,55,794 as per the 2011 Census record has 102,147 positive cases. Again on the death count, Manipur along with Assam and Meghalaya are the three States in the region to have logged above 1000 deaths till date and even here Manipur outscores Meghalaya which has reported 1125 deaths till now to Manipur’s  1614 deaths. These statistics should tell that something, somewhere is still horribly wrong and the sooner this is acknowledged the better it would be for everyone. The daily positivity rate too has been in double digit for long now and it would help if the COVID-19 Common Control Room can give the details of the number of tests conducted in each district daily. This can help all get a better understanding of the daily positivity rate in each district.