At the Parting Hour... As I Leave the Halls of Ivy

Dr Ranbir Laishram

 Sheltering under your cosy home,
Dwelled years under your roof,
Like a child under its mother's care.
Through sun and rain,Through fun and pain,
In comfort and harmony.
My love for you unbound !
At this parting moment
I bid you farewell
Silence and tears - a well !

The memoirs of my stay with thee:
A treasure in my heart, it'll be...
I miss your warriors so valiant,
Whose dedication and commitment
Engraved in the core of my heart !
Thee, me and we - all in peace and harmony,
To lead the management,
An arduous task, a solemn undertaking,
An unexpected responsibility.
I seek no recognition or cherishing...
It was just a responsibility entrusted on me,
A promise made with trust!
My sullen upheaval out of disposition,
Forgive me without a condition...
My last lap uncertain,
I have faith in my Creator,
Hope is my vision.
I leave everything to Destiny.

My footprints in the sands of time,
There with thee so divine,
May not be worthy to reflect upon.
But, my effort to bring you up to new heights,
Was the most sincere.
I have tried my level best...
Some mistook me, some betrayed me,
Some honored me, and still some adored me...
It is just a story now,
In retrospection,
I feel... I did more good than bad,
Remember me not for my doings,
But as a messenger of the Creator,
Destined to be with thee !

Farewell, farewell, Halls of Ivy dear...
At this parting moment,
To my companions, here's my message -
My deepest gratitude to you all for being very near;
Continue serving our sick brethren;
Through love and compassion,
We can transform the earth into heaven.
Cherish the roses, learn to shed off life's thorns!
Every story must come to an end some day!
'Tis time to close my pleasant stay now - Adieu!
And soon, I will be far away...
Though my heart and mind will be here, forever with thee!