Monsoon Magic

Geetanjali Gautam
When will the drunken clouds start to pour
When will the heaviness cease
Is it when the night rain meets moist Earth,
A clandestine meeting behind closed doors?
A magic wand to transform the Land
With the first spell of rain, witness
Wonderland Brown wilted twigs and yellowed trees
Spring to different shades of green,  with dew drenched leaves

Let the raindrops splatter my window pane
And clear the fog that clutters my brain
And fluttering birds fly forth and seek
Solace under my window sill and sunshade
Let the Earth receive a new face lift
A free mud pack, with no frills
Renewed and refreshed with enhanced charm Smile and bloom, calm after the storm
Now as the day dust settles with petrichor Wishing for birds and bees and  blooming bluebells
Washing away remnants of sorrow and grief To the Earth and Mind,
Monsoon is a sigh of relief.