Traffic Light Inside

M Minakshi Devi

My traffic light inside is evergreen, never turns red.
In confinement amidst the current global fever, but
My sensible thoughts, cosy dreams and all my delight
Tends to speed fast out of my depressed mind.
I close eyes often, seek soothing means of all kind
In a bid to block the leackage in my mind.
Inside, but, they rush about for an outlet, to find.
A deep breath I take,relax to slow the rush down.

Yet,upon my gloomy face appears a faint frown.
My heart beats fast to back me up a lively life
Whilst I walk for it as if on  edge of a knife.
My body is numb, still, in isolation I feel my tears.
I have lost count of the lonely days, not so dear.
But,reluctant I am to cease my suffocative confinement ,
For, my spirit is hits down by echoes of global fear.

Confused I am if refreshing outing for fresh air
Would bring about misery in my fate or sight.
Lonely, hence, inside stay scared I with the molten mind,
That enquiries, if my ever green traffic light
Would ever turns to a red light ?