Just survival is enough

Dr Ranbir Laishram

To just survive,
In the midst of people,
With the loved ones,
With our companions ,
In amity with everybody,
It is just ok.

To be happy and content ,
With what I have ,
To be not in animosity with anybody,
To be true to my loved ones,
To be true with my inner self,
It is just ok.

To stay away yesterday’s regret,
To keep away tomorrow’s worry,
To be in the present moment, my life,
To talk to my inner self some time everyday,
To keep moving forwards with positive vibes,
It is just ok.

To be able to forgive others,
To be able to forgive myself ,
To be in peace with myself,
To be able to survive a scar ,
It is just ok.

The world continues to  change,
for the better or worse,
What matters is-
How well we live in our mind.
Sometimes even to live requires courage,
An audacity to adapt,
A sensible adaptation to the change.