Without you

Minakshi Devi
Atop the lofty mountains,
Above the clearing view that omnifolds
The sphere in all its vastness
Divulging before my pupil, but without you.
I descend towards the fountain that plummet
Believing it to be sake,only to taste like bitter ashes.
The atmosphere too hath a perfume amiss
The sphere don't seem to be a merry damsel anymore.
In the wild, I am casteless,
For a kind of nomad in move.
In hunger with a passion ,
For what hath gone too soon.
As a doe grazing the grasses
Flees a predator at noon.
When the light fades into a murky best,
I am like a wolf without its boon
I will tarry on in silence
As the thread of time looms.
I dream of the blooming floral valley,
Under the light of the beaming moon.
He reflect upon me smiling
Knowing I will always follow through.
A raising tide so boundless
I will always have this proof.
I will trace the tracks in silence
Hoping they lead me back to you.