TSE completes 22 years From 1999 to 2021

The Sangai Express has completed 22 years in circulation and it is with a certain sense of satisfaction that one can look back at the past two decades. And when one talks about a ‘sense of satisfaction’ it should be understood in the context of the efforts that have gone in to keep up with the changing demands of the day. No newspaper can hope to survive by remaining stagnant and it is on this premise that The Sangai Express has been evolving and keeping up with the changing times. And the adaption that has gone in to keep up with the needs of the changing times has not just been cosmetic. Tag along with the change in the profile of the readers is one line which has been basic to the beliefs of the team at this newspaper house, and while this change may not come screaming in the face of the readers every morning, keen readers of the newspaper would have noted the efforts that have gone in to define the change of how it was when the newspaper first hit the stand on September 11, 1999 to September 11, 2021. It was on September 10, 1999 that a bunch of youngsters and not so young people got together to put the day’s events to print and the first copy of The Sangai Express hit the newsstand on September 11, 1999 and it has been doing that for the last 22 years without any break in between. Twenty two years may not count for much in the lifespan of a newspaper but to the people responsible for running the newspaper it sure means two decades of one’s life. Many from the team of 1999 are today no longer with the establishment, some having moved on to what they believe are greener pastures and some having passed away. From the original team of 1999 today there are only five or six who have marched along with the paper to reach 2021. Some joined midway and there are some who have stuck by the organisation for the past 15 years or so and this is what has made the journey from 1999 to 2021 so significant to many of the old timers here.
There are many more years to cover and with the support and backing of the readers, the well wishers and the advertisers who have reposed their faith in the newspapers this will be a reality. The last two years, ever since the virus that causes COVID-19 landed on the soil of Manipur, have been significant for The Sangai Express. Due to the prolonged lockdown and the numerous restrictions placed on the movement of people, the number of pages had to be reduced to 10 from the earlier 12, but this did not stop the paper from going off press. Many opted to work from home and while this is an option that has been opened to all, it not possible to extend the said option to many of the employees who work as Sub-Editors, those responsible for laying out the respective  pages and obviously the Editors of the two edition of The Sangai Express. In the process, at least 6/7 employees tested positive for the virus and there was a time when the rest opted to stay at the office instead of going back home until their status was confirmed after testing ! All these are being spelt out for public consumption and to let the readers know of the efforts taken up to ensure that the day’s copy of the newspaper reach the subscribers. The spirit demonstrated during the days when the pandemic was at its peak will continue to guide The Sangai Express.