Joined politics to herald historic changes, says Nishikant


Joined politics to herald
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Sep 13: Nishikant Singh Sapam who has been preparing for the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election has categorically stated that he joined electoral politics with a firm determination to herald historic changes and development not only in Keishamthong Assembly Constituency but throughout Manipur.
He made this statement while speaking as the chief guest at the opening function of an election office for polling stations 12/33, 12/34 and 12/35 of Keishamthong AC at Khagempalli Huidrom Leikai today.
“Earlier I had no intention to join politics or contest elections. I grew up as a businessman and I was content with my profession”, Nishikant said.
“In my youthful days, when any friends raised the topic of politics during our casual talks, I always raised strong objection and insisted that the topic be dropped or skipped as I thought that most politicians, if not all, were highly corrupt”, he continued.
“Then some of my friends asked why I did not join electoral politics if I yearned for clean politics but I thought that I did not have the wisdom of a politician”, he narrated.
Nishikant said that he felt very distressful when he saw the developed countries of Europe in comparison with Manipur.
He said that he joined electoral politics for he now believes he has the knowledge and wisdom of being a politician and is determined to do something noteworthy and significant for Keishamthong AC.
Stating corruption is anathema to him, Nishikant declared that he hates corruption and he has no intention of recouping the amount spent on election.
“I do not join politics to earn money. For earning money, I have my private businesses”, he said.
Nishikant made it clear that he would not ever interfere in contract works, transfer and posting of employees and appointments. The most qualified and competent candidates may get appointments and contract works but contractors should not manipulate things to earn more beyond the legitimate profit guaranteed by Government, he continued.
If the contractors manipulate things, it would be constructed forfeiting people’s rights and shares, he added.
“Politics is not my family business and I would not allow them to join my political works. For my political works, I have my own team and the public,” Nishikant said.
“In case I’m elected, Local Area Development Fund as well as salary would be accounted in detail. Even an accountant would be appointed and details of fund utilisation would be shown to the public. LADF is a public fund even though it comes through MLA”, he said.  
He pledged that he would discharge his duties of being an MLA to his best level.
“If I fortunately become a Minister, I would work tirelessly to bring historic changes and development in the State. I would not lobby or seek favour from any one for personal gain. However, if it is for the welfare of the people of Manipur, I would not shy away from lobbying and seeking favour from anybody, be it the Prime Minister”, Nishikant said.
He said that politics is not necessarily limited to winning elections, what is more important is serving the people.
“Had there been no BJP, I would not have joined politics for I do not have much faith in other political parties”, he confided. The function was graced by senior citizen Huidrom Nodiachand and Huidrom Sarat as president and guest of honour respectively.