Health management of poultry

TC Tolenkhomba and Prava Mayengbam
Contd from previous issue
Cannibalism and feather picking: Cannibalism is a problem that is particularly associated with large poultry flocks where birds kept in close confinement peck at each other. This can produce significant mortality in the flock when injury results. It will also cause a decrease in egg production as the hen-pecked birds become stressed. Some chickens are more likely to engage in cannibalism than others. The problem has a range of causes, which are heat without adequate ventilation/nests and nesting areas not dark enough /crowding/ high densities of birds/ boredom or lack of exercise /feed and water troughs too few or too close together/external parasites may cause a chicken to pull out its own feathers, and draw blood. This may attract other birds to peck at the area.
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