27th August 1965 : Birth of students force in Manipur

Seram Neken
Contd from previous issue
AMSU strongly condemned the efforts of some Naga leaders for unification of Naga inhabited areas with Nagaland and its endorsement by the then Nagaland Chief Minister TN Angami. The Union submitted its memorandum to the then Prime Minister of India with its rigid decision to safeguard the territorial integrity of the state.
Among the landmark endeavors of the AMSU during the last five decades, mention may be made of the demands for Statehood, establishment of Manipur University, conversion of RMC into a regional institute, setting-up of State Human Rights Commission and inclusion of Manipuri language in 8th Schedule of Constitution. During the students' agitations on Foreigners Issue in 1980, AMSU reached an agreement with the State Government on July 22, 1980 to identify the foreigners with 1951 being the base year. Yet, the agreement has not been implemented by the Government for reasons only known to it.
AMSU from time to time has been instrumental in controlling the prices of essential commodities in the State, which the businessmen often tried to swell at their own whim. Removal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act has long been a demand of the students of Manipur under the banner of AMSU. The birth of All Manipur Students' Union on 28 August 1965 was indeed a turning point in the journey of the Manipuris towards identity construction.
Besides revolting against all kinds of human rights violations including the infamous cases of Sanamacha, Bijoykumar, Manorama and other numerous events, AMSU has been putting efforts in safeguarding the territory of the State for the last many years. On various other occasions, the students' body rose in revolt against the tendencies of splitting the State's territory.
During the last five decades of the existence of AMSU as an apex body of students, a number of young students either sacrificed their lives or fell victim of the atrocities meted out by State actors while undergoing movements for the people of Manipur. On a number of occasions, the Central and State Governments tend to malign the image of AMSU as antisocial. However, no force could suppress the force of students who have been working for justice and democratic values. AMSU will ever remain synonymous with 'Dedication and Sacrifice' in the history of Manipur.
CHAKLAM KHONGCHAT : The erstwhile drama "Chaklaam Khongchat" produced by AMSU is still known to be very effective in moulding patriotism among the youths of the state. Unfortunately, the unique creation of the late Director Birjit Ngangomba on the script of G Joykumar Sharma has been off the stage for the last many years. Students were trained and made to act in the play. During the long training and rehearsal, the actors were made to fast so as to show off the real hunger in them.
No wonder, the play was so real that a number of acting students fell down unconscious during the show. The drama certainly enlivened the spirit of patriotism and sacrifices among the students of Manipur. If the AMSU revives the drama for continuous show on every Hunger Marchers' Day, it would surely instill patriotic sense among the new generation.