The sixth sense manifest

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Elders paved the way,
Intelligent and wise they were.
A solution for survival,
The same entrance, same passage, same exit.
Out from the exit, jubilant
On the vast ocean of life.
A means for Self survival and sustenance,
From generation to generation
The norms of career and society set.
Self esteem and the road to a success story,
As the wheel of life keep turning
Burnt the midnight oil to be the one,
Who the elders wish to be.
A life secured to everybody’s envy.

Dwelt whole career and life.
All perception lost to become a human robot,
In an arena already set.
The God gifted intuitive mind shuts,
The sixth sense left alone,
Dormant, Never to open up.

Alas ! What a life !
Whither the innate intuitive mind ?
The foresight, divination,
The sixth sense expression,
The genius inside every soul,
deprived of by putting in the same  route...
If left to one’s own self ,
It could’ve been a different story indeed !
An evening random thought to ponder over... !