Gyanabati K
Eyes close, the breeze is colder;
When it touches the skin,
drives her back to the old notes;
The smell of the smoke reminisces about the stories of logs.

Ding ding! At the front yard!
Oh! Newspapers! Newspaper!
Soon he left for the next destination.
The beige road,
The oozy pomegranates,
The wind that brought her guavas from the courtyard,
And the marigolds swayed from side to side.

The birds whispered in her ears that it exuded love,
She believed.
The leaves on the bumpy road reminded her,
Falling beautified the change!
She accepted.
She still does.

The green fields turned into magical golden as she passed by.
The eyes witnessed the fascinating rise and set,
The finest photograph placed in the heart that reflected from the eyes.
It’s dazzling!
She exclaimed, “Changes can be that beautiful!”
“Isn’t it a cherishable?”