Lord's echo

M Minakshi Devi
I'm the shadow's den, I'm the light's crime.
I'm as hard as diamond, I'm as sharp as a fresh blade.
I'm as poisonous as Ivy, I'm as sweet as maple.
I'm as burning as fire, I'm as bright as the moon.
You shall kneel before me,  then I will chose
If to do away with your decay, the illness
That nested around your soul.
When only my shadow can relief your eyes, When only my toughness can strengthen your bones.
When only my poison can purify your blood,
When only my fire can break your cuffs,
You will come then to me and beg,
To forgive your foolish sins
To protect your frail being.
I will show you then how hard
It's for mortals to look in their own eyes,
To find their truth.