World Pharmacist Day-2021

Nongthombam Rimotkumar Meetei
 "Pharmacy: Always Trusted for your health"
In this global war against the pandemic, Covid-19, today, on this 25th September 2021, with regards to the world pharmacist day, I remind here again, the theme of this year's, 2021 Pharmacist Day- "Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health" to all the Pharmacists, who, nonetheless work tirelessly, day and night, in rain and in heat.  Despite the struggle we all are facing due to the pandemic, let's take a moment to cherish and reminisce the pharmacists on this day of ours.
This day has been celebrated as World Pharmacist Day since 2010 and we should be poised of our contribution. And on this day, I, remind you here again "We are always there and we are always trusted for all and their health"
Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique or International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), a non Governmental organization, formed by pharmaceutical organizations, pharmaceutical scientists, members of academic institutions and educators, formed on 25th September 1912. On World Pharmacy Congress held in Istanbul, Turkey on 2009, Turkish Pharmacist Association recommended that 25th September to be celebrated as World Pharmacist Day all around the globe to regard the people in this field. With adherence from FIP, The World Pharmacist Day celebration started from 2010 and every year, the Federation, celebrates it under a specific theme. The themes since 2010 are as mentioned
2020: Transforming Global Health
2019: Safe and Effective medicine for all
2018: Pharmacist: Your Medicines expert
2017: From Research to health care: your pharmacist is at you service
2016: Pharmacist: Caring for you
2015: Pharmacist: Your partners in health
2014: Access to Pharmacist is access to health
2013: Pharmacist- Simplifying your medicines use, no matter how complex
2012: Pharmacist: Your partners in using medicines responsibility
2011: I am your most accessible health care provider I am a driving force behind discovering new medicines I am the key that unlocks all you need to know about your medicines. I am with you in sickness and in health.
2010: Safety first with medicines, ask your Pharmacist. To recognize the role and responsibility taken by the Pharmacists, to encourage the production of new medicines with the advancement of science and technology, to study the health problems and related issues, to enhance the research and development process, to make regulations, to safeguard the professional ethics and rules, etc. are the underlying concern for the themes.
Today, with its headquarters at The Hague Netherlands, the FIP, representing the 4 million Pharmacists, 146 National organization for Pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientists, educators, pharmaceutical chemists and different professionals in the field has done various work at different level.
Currently, Mr. Dominique Jordan from Switzerland is the president of the FIP with Dr Catherine Duggan, UK as the Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Giovanni Pauletti, USA as the Scientific Secretary and Ms. Ema Paulina, Professional Secretary.  Ms. Manjiri Sandeep Gharat from India is one among the seven Vice Presidents.
The federation has different visions, missions, strategic plans to bring up the pharmaceutical profession, education, research, regulation and other different scope related to these field to a paramount.
Vision: A world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable medicines and as well as from pharmaceutical care services provided by pharmacist, in collaboration with other health care professionals.
Mission: To support global health by enabling the advancement of pharmaceutical practice, services and education.
Strategic Plan: Collaborate with all its members and observers to maximize the global influence and contribution to health care of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacy educators.
COUNCIL: The highest institution of the federation is the Council. The national organization for Pharmacist for every Nation, Pharmaceutical Scientific Association, Supranational Pharmaceutical (scientific) Association constitutes the Council, takes part in the council and also has the veto power. The representative and bureaus of other section of the federation also take part in the Council. The important decision are however made by the council.
BUREAU : The Board of FIP
Due to historical reasons, 14 elected officials and ex- officio FIP, together 15 officers embodies the board of FIP: The Bureau. The Bureau comprises the President; Secretary; Chairman, FIP, Education; immediate Past President; Chairman, Board of Pharmaceutical Science/Practice. We have Ms. Manjiri Sandeep Gharat from our own country as one of the seven vice presidents of the Bureau.
EXECUTIVE COMMMITTEE: The committee comprises the President, Scientific Secretary, Professional Secretary. The General Secretary, as the Chief Executive officer, will take part in every sections but doesn't have the voting rights. The National organizations from India in the Federation:
1. Indian Association for Colleges of Pharmacy, Chennai
2. Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Mumbai
3. Indian Assignment of Pharmaceutical Scientists and Technologists, Kolkata
4. South Easy Asia Pharmaceutical Forum, New Delhi
Academic Institutes:
1. JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research (J.S.S. UNIVERSITY), Mysore
2. Kakaliya University, Wrangell
3. Shri Vile Parle Kelavam Mandal, Mumbai
4. Narsu Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
5. Shri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy, Indore, M.P. The International Pharmaceutical Federation also work together with World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Professions Alliance and other national and international forums. The World Pharmacist Day, which is celebrated on the foundation day of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, is indeed a feather in one's cap for the people in the fraternity. FIP is a platform for the practice and profession. The word "trust", which is upon the pharmacist and on the health care is something the federation eyes on. The people's trust on the pharmacist for their health is the utmost importance and we couldn't ask for more. The "trust" should not be broken and we will always give our best to keep the trust you have upon us. Remember, "Pharmacy: Always Trusted for your health".  The writer is Member Secretary cum Registrar, Manipur State Pharmacy Council