Why cage ourselves ?

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Amid Covid - 19 pandemic woes,
Dwelling in a caged life,
Inactivity is death, activity is life;
Living with fear is no less than death.
Feeling like dying everyday,
Having seen the daily wagers,
Surviving even without mask on,
I ponder over ...
 Gathering my inner strength,
I brush aside the fear,
Move around freely ,
All alone with my inner self,
With all possible precautions ,
In the empty streets and parks,
Into the deep woods ,
Dwelt in the beauty of nature,
Where peace prevails ,
I inhale the serenity,
Exhale my fear and tension,
To my heart's content.
Empowering myself,
Imbibing the nature's gift,
The inner positive vibes,
I rejoice again and again.
Mastering my thought,
I overcome the panic inside me,
Amid the crowd,
Where one doesn't know,
What's in store in the next moment
The mere survival is in itself a boon.
Yes, I am so lucky,
That I am still breathing.
I now realise,
To be more alive,
I have to be less afraid and I did it .
Empowering myself, I lost my fear,
And I found my life being fully alive.