M Minakshi Devi
The charisma of you lured me
To taste you at once.
My conscience then told me,
The quest has now begun.
Caresses explored such regions
That I couldn't even explain.
Thundered aloud the clouds
And drizzling came the rain.
A rose-red plumage,
Perched atop a deep scar.
I tried to steal nectar
From the valley of Ishtar.
Our frail souls aligned,
As they moved in perfect motion.
That of her trying to fit in mine,
A perfectly notorious devotion.
Then in a jiffy of eternity,
I took a sip with my own hands
Of the heavenly dew that sparkled,
As it now oozed from the sands.
Humid, racing heartbeats,
A Third World under your feet.
Your panting breath whispered,
The quest is now complete.