Friends are the family you choose on earth

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
For those of you struggling to create a name in the market, a dent in the universe, trying to put your initials on the wall of fame, seeking followers, aiming to be an influencer- be prepared to give your sweat and blood to your dreams.
No matter how fantastic and fascinating the idea of success sounds, the hard work and struggle behind the scenes can be very tedious. The aims can be higher, the future can be brighter, the goals can soar in the sky- but the reality is that you have to be underground for years, your name will be in the sand and dust for ages, your identity will be hidden to the crowd who will be critical and unsupportive of your efforts and last but not least, people are ready to dig your grave before you even die.
That’s what the truth is. No one is happy when the other person is successful. Jealousy is an easy superficial feeling that is rooted in the realm of negative emotions. It is derived from not understanding the pain of the person. Rather than empowering or enabling people, it is easy to pull someone down. Should this hurt the person who is working hard? Or should this act as an impetus for further change? It depends on how you react.
Your income is the average of 5 people you hang out with the most. So, when you are not getting the best results in life and your expenses are mounting and income is less-look at the environment and the company that you are in. Your friends and acquaintances should act as nidus of growth rather than stumbling blocks you are always trying to avert.
It is difficult to believe in yourself at times, it is okay to feel suicidal, it is perfectly alright if you want to stop by for some time and think whether you made the right decision or not. But after that, it's most important to re-enter yourself. There are times when you do not have the bandwidth to do this all by yourself and at this juncture it is always a good idea to vent your emotions out. Talking out to a like-minded friend, speaking your heart out to a companion, crying on someone’s shoulder you love a lot- are all gestures to make yourself feel better. That’s why I re-iterate that your company matters the most.
When you are vulnerable and express your feelings to someone- they can either drive you to a level of significant success or can demotivate you and pull you even further down. These are moments of life when you believe in the person across the table more than yourself. These are life changing decisions. Find your friends and keep them safe when you know that you have a home in them with a locker in their heart to keep your feelings secure. Cherish these relationships for friends are the family you choose on earth.
Friends are the most precious assets that you collect in this lifetime. Keep them close to your heart. All relationships are a give and take-keeping them intact and growing is always up-to the two people involved. It’s an ongoing effort where you do something and get something. But don’t take people for granted who love you a lot. Because relationships are an act of balance. Be there for someone and see how better you feel.
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin, Ottawa, Canada. He is also the Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Khoihee Industries, regd. under the directorate of industries and commerce, Government of Manipur. He can be reached at birkarnelzelzitthiyam3073 Watch his motivational videos on YouTube at Live With Bir