KIMACS for reservation of Thang-Ta players in education and employment

IMPHAL, Sep 28
The Kanglei Indigenous Martial Arts and Cultural Society has drawn the attention of the State Government to give due recognition to meritorious Thang-Ta players and reserve seat for them in job recruitments and for admission to higher educational institutes.
Popularity of Thang-Ta is growing rapidly across the country but the Thang-Ta players who have made their mark in the National and international events are yet to be given proper recognition, said KIMACS in a statement.
Although Thang-Ta is not regarded much in the State, the State of Tamil Nadu has set an example by announcing 3 percent reservation for meritorious players of Silambam- a martial art form of South India in recruitment by Tamil Nadu State Public Service Commission as well as for pursuing higher education in colleges and universities. Moreover, the Tamil Nadu Government has opened up more training centres recently to promote and develop the game, it said.
Since the State Government recognised Thang-Ta as a sport game in 1998, Thang-Ta enthusiasts and cultural activists with a bid to promote the game, have organised 26 National Thang-Ta championships, 5 international championships, 9 Federation Cup and 1 World Championship till date. Thang-Ta has also been featured 11 times in School Game Meets, it said.
Moreover, the Union Sports Ministry has recognised Thang Ta as an indigenous martial art game and included it in the Khelo India Games in 2020. However, meritorious Thang-Ta players  are not yet provided any facility or recognition till date, it said.
While urging local MPs to play their part in further popularising the indigenous game,  making it as a game event recognised by the Ministry of Sports and to make it an Olympic event, KIMACS expressed regret that no process of teacher recruitment has been taken up although Thang-Ta has been included as a subject upto Class 12. KIMACS, while considering the need for encouragement of Thang-Ta players and recruitment of teachers, urged the Chief Minister to recognise Thang-Ta merit certificates and initiate the teacher recruitment process at the earliest.