The Dement Corona Avoids

Dr Ranbir Laishram
She moves around,
Merrily all day long,
With no mask on,
In tattered, raged clothes,
Unaware of the Covid -19 pandemic chaos,
Everybody is aware of her existance,
but,everybody ignores,
For, she happens to be a dement.

She thrives on leftovers on the footpath,
Quench her thirst from left over bottles,
She appears healthy.
Not heard sick and hospitalised,
Her permanant abode in the Hospital  campus.

In my daily morning walk,
Seeing her doing some exercises.
I ask my inner self -
Is she immune to corona ?
Is it that corona is scared of her !
Or has she gained some natural immunity !
Being underfed she doesn’t seem to be.
Yes, corona feels pity on her.
It avoids her;
For she has none to look after her.
Isn’t it a miracle in Covid - 19 pandemic chaos ?