Glimpses of Love

Yanglem Arjun Singh
Laying on the lush green,
Staring at the starry sky,
Dreamt of how much space in this world, Does my heart occupy.

Every soul on earth,
Virtuous or vicious,
Shall perish till the end,
No matter how much it took,
For the corpses to blend.

Under the flickering lights of melancholy darkness,
It took all my life to distinguish between love and happiness,
A tiny crystal of love was held up by my mother,
And that was enough after all for me to bother.

The world has showered me up with vitality,
Thank God that drop of perception has a little sense of reality,
As I can smell the fragrance of love behind every cry of blood,
I join the broken pieces of my soul to write up and to get rid of.