Disturbing high TPR in some hill districts Contact tracing ? Containment ?

The daily addition of new  Covid cases has thankfully come down, but this is not the time to throw caution to the wind and forget that the call of the New Normal still remains relevant. More than anything else this is the time for the people and the Government to be more on the alert for the possible third wave, as predicted by numerous experts. And this is where the Government would seriously need to look into the measures taken up so far in the battle against the coronavirus. The rap on the knuckles from the Supreme Court on the conditions of the Covid Care Centers should open the eyes of the Government to the fact that there are still numerous loopholes to be looked into. If at all anyone has been found responding to the situation sloppily then obviously fingers will have to be pointed to the Government. From hinting to openly stating it, The Sangai Express had on more than one occasion questioned whether the line, ‘Containment and contract tracing are in place’ is just a combination of words strung together to pull wool over the eyes of the people, or whether the essence of this line is being followed religiously or not. Since the Government has not responded to this point till now, the best option would obviously be to directly hear it from the horse’s mouth. Another point which the Government should seriously go through and take another look is how sincerely  is its much tom tommed line that households would be studied to see if they are suited for positive people to undergo home isolation is followed. Time for the Government to be more open and stop trying to pull wool over the eyes of the people. Just to put the record straight, let The Sangai Express recount a living experience.
Two members of the  Editor  of the English edition of this newspaper tested positive on Saturday, the 4th of September,  2021. Fast forward to 4.30 pm, the 7th of September, Tuesday and so far no one from the department concerned has taken up any steps to cordon off or put up containment measures, such as the banners and posters proclaiming the residence as a micro containment zone. The rest of the family members voluntarily undertook RTP CR tests as none from the side of the Government turned up to test the immediate family members. This will not be the solitary example in Manipur and this is what is extremely disturbing. The Delta variant is understood to be much more contagious than the earlier variants and this casual approach is what is worrying and disappointing. And if such an approach can be adopted in Imphal, imagine how the situation could be like in the more remote hill districts where people may not have the means and the voice to spell out their experience ? The personal example given here is to make the Government more aware of  what is exactly happening at the ground. This is not the time for hot talks but to act according to the situation and lest one forgets, Manipur is dealing with right now is a global pandemic which has shaken the world and the country, sparing none. Half baked approach is certainly not what the State and the people need at this point of time. Let better sense prevail.
Please refer to  the Editorial of September 7, 2021 (Tuesday) under the heading Poser to ATSUM, the name Pan Meetei Convention should be read as World Meetei Convention. Our regrets.