The uncle conundrum

Kakai Singsit
Contd from prev issue
If he was angry that means there must be a good explanation.
When my roommate arrived I narrated to him of the preceding episode. I had called him uncle out of respect in front of everyone was his answer. I could not contain myself and broke into a convulsion of laughter. It was the last answer I had expected and was hilarious.
Ours was a gang of break students and we were a ten- obnoxious clique with an impeccable record of years of academic break. Weird as it seems, this compatibility of blot in our career must have brought us together.
One day we visited one of our friends' houses, Mr. Lena for a sleepover. From the word go her mother kept on pestering us to find suitable girls and lead a settled life. We tried hard to divert the topic but she just kept on harping it. Her stance was we have past our prime life and so it was imperative for us to settle down.
Fed up with her persistence we narrated her an episode of us courting a girl. In the yore, we came across a damsel and stalked her till her doorstep. The next evening it was decided to pay a visit to her home.
The moment we stepped into her door she accosted us with a horrendous welcome note, “ Uncles please step in”. We were all caught off-guard at this gratuitous welcome note and were reeling at the door at loss whether to step inside or retract. Immediately the blame game started to whom the word uncle was addressed. Finally, the onus was fixed on Ngangam, the senior most and whose beauty was the most elusive.
On hearing the incident our friend’s mother burst into hysterical peals of laughter. She laughed the whole night and the moment the day broke I still could hear her profusely giggling on her bed.