Manipuri Nata Sankritan Mahajagya Guru Leimapokpam Lakpati Singh‘An obedient disciple and a path follower of his Gurus’

Yumnam Suren Wangkhei
Contd from prev issue
9. ‘Sangeet Ratna’, Manipur Sahitya Parishad, 2002.
10. ‘Kala Ratna’ Kala Badan, Mumbai, 2004
11. Jai Patra Shree Shree Govindaji Temple Board ,2013
12. ‘Abhinandan Patra’ on International Sankirtana Day from Manipur Government,2015
13. Honoured during the celebration of World Dance Day organized by Manipur University and sponsored by Sangeet Natak Academy,2018
14. ‘Guru Abhiram Sharma Award’, Guru Abhiram Saba( Seba) Trust,2018
15. ‘Dr. BR Ambedkar International Award 2018’ by the Dalit Sahitya Academy in the Indo- Nepal Dalit Sahitya Conference 2018 in the field of Sankirtana at Kathmandu, Nepal.
16. Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 by the Dalit Sahitya Academy in the Indo-Singapore International Dalit Sahitya conference 2019 held on 12th June, 2019 at Darkview Apartment function Hall, Bukit Batak Street 23, Singapore,2019
Many things can be said as the life story of a prominent person is extremely vast but I have tried my best to sum up the life story of Guru Leimapokpam Lakpati Singh in a very possible way. Today, I would like to spread the message that the traditional art forms like Nata Sankirtana should be preserved as much as possible and the artist of this art form like Guru Leimapokpam Lakpati Singh are not be taken for granted because they are the true worshipper of his mentor and Gurus and whatever they had done far this art form are not only for our state but also for our country and for the artists who want to do something in their lives.
Lastly, Let us remember a statement given by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82)
“Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.” It means that we can make our lives always energetic and beautiful by following the path of great people whose lives will never be forgotten.