Manipuri Nata Sankritan Mahajagya Guru Leimapokpam Lakpati Singh‘An obedient disciple and a path follower of his Gurus’

Yumnam Suren Wangkhei
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Undoubtedly, it would not be enough to say that Guru Lakpati Singh is a person who plays a powerful role of spreading the unique culture of the Nata Sankirtana within the country and beyond. Through the souvenir of Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Guru Kirtan Seva XXV, the director of the Gulapi Nata Sankirtana Academy delivered a speech which says that, “Only for the reason of UNESCO recognition, we cannot ignored the fact that the name and the value of this art form is diminishing day by day at the same time, the confusions about this art form are also increasing. But there is no one who will solve this problem. The development art forms of this art form which bring forth the name of our state Manipur, evolved from the soil of our motherland are the cultural institutions like J.N.M Dance Academy, Department of Art and culture, Manipur State Kala Academy, Dept of Art and culture, Manipur, Manipur University and Newly founded University of culture and Department of Sankirtana. This is the time we should try to remember and check the improvements of these institutions cooperatively.
Further, Let us have a look at some outstanding works done in India and outside by Guru Lakpati Singh
1. ‘Meitei Sankirtana Eshei Phangnaba’, 1973 organized by Manipur Sahitya Parishad
2. ‘The World Convention’ on the 500th Anniversary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, 1976.
3. ‘The 7th Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Cachar, Assam , 1976
4. ‘Tiro Bhav Utsav of Rajarshree Maharaj Bhagyachandra, Tripura, Assam, 1988
5. ‘The Assam Festival of Theatre of Dance & Martial Art’ , Kolkata, 1988
6. ‘Nata Pala festival’ organized by DDK Imphal, 1993
7. ‘Guru Ningshing Thouram’ organized by Manipur Kala Kendra, 1993
8. Rasa festival, organized by Jawaharlal Nehru Dance Academy, Manipur, 1993.
9. ‘The world Sankirtana Festival’ organized by ISKON, 1995.
10. ‘The Festival of Baul kirtana & Bhajan of Eastern India, 1995.
11. ‘Song Performance at DDK, Guwahati, 1995.
12. ‘Khubak Eshei’, organized by Anjika Kolkata, 1995.
13. ‘Guru Barunkumar Dance Festival’, 1996
14. ‘ Rasa Nupa Pala’, Gujarat, 1997
15. ‘Nabadip’,West Bengal, 1998, 200th Death Anniversary of Rajarshree Maharaja Bhagyachandra.
16. ‘Theatro Tascibile Di Bergayo’ ,Italy, 1998
17. ‘Sana Leibak Festival’ organized by Mumbai Banyan Tree and Jaberi Sister,2000
18. ‘A one month Awareness Program on Manipuri Nata Sankirtana, Myanmar, 2000
19. ‘Festival of Imaji Nation’, Paris , 2011
20. ‘A Five Day Festival of Rasa with Nata Sankirtana’, 217th Death Anniversary of Rajashree Maharaja Bhagyachandra, Manipur, 1996.
21. ‘Brindaban Prakashan Mahotsav’ organized by Sangeet Natak Academy, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, 2015
22. 218th Death Anniversary of Rajarshree Maharaja Bhagyachandra organised by Radhakund, Mathura, UP, 2016
23. ‘Meet the Singer’, celebrated during Imphal Book fair, 2016
24. ‘Pratha Parva’ organised by New Delhi Sangeet Natak Academy.
25. ‘Rhitu Varnan’, The Festival of Solo Performance,2017  
26. ‘Nata Sankirtan’ (Yeningthagi Eshei) organized by AIR Imphal,2017
In addition, Guru Lakpati Singh has been performing as ‘Eshei Hanba’ in Khongjom Day celebration on 23rd of April every year and also as an ‘A’ grade artist of AIR Imphal .
The Guru has published a number of books to extend a help for the future generation namely:
1. ‘Shree Govind Thouram Seireng’ (short) 1998.
2. ‘Guru Vyakaron’, 2002
3. ‘Meitei Nata Sankirtana Neinaba’(The first Analysis), 2002
4. ‘Meitei Nata Sankirtana Neinaba’(The Second Analysis),2003
5. ‘Nata Sankirtana Taal’,2004
6. ‘Meitei Nata Sankirtana Neinaba (The Third Analysis),2009
7. ‘Nata Sankirtana’,2009
For his excellent performance and inspiring works, he has been rewarded with many valuable awards, fellowships and honorary degrees. And the rewards are:
1. Scholarship (Nata Sankirtana, Vocal), Manipur State Kala Academy,1976
2. ‘Guru Amubi Fellowship in Nata Sankirtana’, the highest fellowship of Manipur State Kala Academy,1979
3. Gold Medal, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, 1989
4. ‘Bhaktivedanta Award’, Ragniketan,1995
5. ‘ Manipur State Kala Academy Award’,1997
6. ‘Shree Shree Govindaji Nata Pala Eshei Hanba,1997
7. Senior Fellowship in Manipur (Nata Sankirtana) from department of culture, New Delhi,1998.
8. ‘Sangeet Natak Academy Award’, 2001 (To be contd)