JAC demands justice for S Nilakanta

IMPHAL, Jan 12: The JAC formed in connection to the death of Sagolshem Nilakanta has alleged that the Police has not arrested the culprits despite having ample evidence.
The JAC made the allegation at a joint meeting of the JAC held with representatives of Awang Wabagai Development Committee, Awang Wabagai Meira Paibi and Awang Wabagai Shining Club today at Awang Wabagai community hall.
Convenor of the JAC, Priyokumar said S Nilakanta was found dead on November 21. The JAC alleged that the wife of S Nilakanta had killed him in collaboration with her maternal family members and they had applied for anticipatory bail on December 31 at the High Court. Since then all the family members allegedly involved in the murder have fled their homes, Priyokumar added.
The JAC alleged that despite ample evidence available that clearly points at the murder to the wife and her family members, the Police have not taken any actions against the culprits.