YFPHR urges Govt not to cut trees along Imphal-Moreh road

IMPHAL, Jan 12
The Youth's Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has written to Deputy Commissioner Imphal West, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and Director of Environment and Climate Change urging the concerned to stop cutting of aged old trees including sacred Peepal trees along Canchipur-Lilong stretch of Imphal-Moreh road.
In letters addressed to DC, Principal Chief Conservator and Director of Environment and Climate Change, YFPHR said the departments have already felled a number of aged old trees in the name of development.
The letters added that the concerned authority which is responsible for the protection of the environment has failed to recognise the importance of trees like Peepal, Banyan etc which give a good amount of Oxygen.
It is very unfortunate that the very departments which are responsible to mitigate climate change are providing clearance to cut down such trees without considering available alternatives, added YFPHR in the letters.
YFPHR urged the concerned departments to consider different alternatives like uprooting the trees without destroying the roots and replanting them somewhere else.