UWOT serves ultimatum

The United Women Organization Tamenglong (UWOT) has appealed to the Project Manager, Shivalaya Construction Company Private Limited, Tamenglong to repair and maintain standard road including back topping starting from point IVAOAT Auto Parking, Merrylane to Oil Pump, Duigailong before January 17.
In a release, UWOT has alleged the company of insensitiveness toward the people of the Tamenglong.
"The company has shown total disregard and complete disrespect to the appeals made through social media from various individuals and your own agreement to maintain the standard of the public road including black topping", it alleged.
It also mentioned that the dense, thick blanket of dust and deep heavy sounds emanating from the company vehicles ferrying stones day in and day out have been reportedly creating havoc to public health issues especially to children, elderly persons and persons who are on medication.
UWOT further cautioned that in case of failure to fulfill its demands before January 17, the organisation would be compelled to launch strong action against the company’s vehicle and the company would be responsible for any untoward incident.
It may be mentioned that UWOT is a conglomeration of Inriangluang Luh Chuzeang Phuam, Women Wing of United Chuiluan Council, Pui-Karuang-Nuh (Women organizations of Tamenglong Ward No 1 to 5).