Biswajit sets record straight

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 13 : Works Minister Thongam Biswajit has  denied the claim that there is a scam of Rs 800 crore at the Public Works Department.
Speaking to media persons at Sanjenthong, the Minister said that Congress MLA K Meghachandra seems to have no knowledge about the budget discussion which the latter attended as the accusation is false right from the beginning when the matter of plan and non plan expenditure was raised.
As per Budget Estimates (BE) of 2021-22, the total money  of six Heads of Account of PWD viz MH:2059, MH: 2216, MH : 3054, MH 4059, MH : 4216 and MH 5054 was  Rs 754 crore, Biswajit said and claimed that the amount was reduced to Rs 631.81 crore as budgetary ceiling was placed by the Finance Department due to COVID-19.
Of the 631.81 crore, Rs 363.39 have been utilized, he said  and added that the details of the above statements are in black and white.
Saying that coming out with such an accusation from a respected MLA is regrettable, the Minister urged Congress to stop raising unfounded allegations.
The allegation that the State has not cleared 90 percent of the  liabilities is also baseless, the Minister said and added that there however could be Rs 320 crore in liabilities.
There is no point in differentiating ruling and Opposition when it comes to clearing the State's liabilities, he added.
Making an issue out of the matter which has already been  discussed is a child's game, the Minister said and urged Congress to stop indulging in narrow politics.