Emoinu Leirak inaugurated


Emoinu Leirak inaugurated
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 14: Emoinu Leirak located at Kakwa Naorem Leikai was inaugurated this evening on the auspicious occasion of Ema Emoinu Iratpa Numit.
Speaking on the occasion, Naorem Lokeshor, Advisor, Emoinu Leirak Committee, stated that Emoinu Leirak used to be in a deplorable state of disrepair in the past. However, recent repair work on the road has greatly improved the condition of the road, he said.
Describing the upgradation of Emoinu Leirak, he informed that there are colour coated roofing sheet used as fences on either side of the Leirak, pedestrian pavement, grass turf, sculptures of famous personalities and public toilets. The road is properly paved and LED street lamps and CCTV cameras are installed throughout Emoinu Leirak, he added. Further, he stated that the area also has access to water supply while in the past that was not the case.
N Lokeshor also expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the individuals, groups etc who lent their support in the repair work of Emoinu Leirak and extended his best wishes on the occasion of Emoinu Iratpa Numit.
In his answer to a question, he informed that in upgrading a road/street, it is essential to have the support of the people residing along the street before looking towards the Government or other private individuals for help.
Later, Ema Emoinu Iratpa Numit was celebrated in the traditional way and the street was lit to mark the inauguration of Emoinu Leirak.