AMUCO greets

IMPHAL, Jan 14
All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation has extended their greetings to the people of the State with the arrival of two of the biggest festivals celebrated in Manipur, Ema Emoinu Iratpa Numit and Gaan-Ngai, which falls on January 14 and 15 respectively.
Stating that Emoinu is one of the most important festivals of the Meitei community, AMUCO wished the people  prosperity, bountifulness and harmony.
AMUCO also called for the youth to be in touch with the customs and traditions of the Meitei community.
Further, AMUCO conveyed their best wishes to the Kabui community of Manipur with the coming of the 5-day post harvest festival of Gaan-Ngai. AMUCO stated that people ought to know the true meaning of the celebration of Gaan-Ngai and urged people to come together and create a better Manipur.